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First time ordering and I loved the food. My roommate and I enjoy Indian food and this was truly delicious. I was worried about the portions because one review warned of the small portions so I ordered 2 rices...I didnt need to. The portions were perfect size. Will definitely order again! And I did order again and the food was still as amazing as the first time. I just wish the prices were better but really do give you a bang for your buck.


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My favorite Indian vegetarian comfort food in LA (I've only eaten vegetarian from here so can't rate the rest of the menu). I know there are some other places that are doing "posher" Indian food, I still prefer All India to every single one of them that I've been to... their gluten-free markings are true to their word. No reactions. I've been visiting this restaurant for 20 years and look forward to 20 more.


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All India Cafe is fantastic. Hearty, flavorful, aromatic. I've tried most of the meat and vegetable dishes now, and every one is great. I save money every month specifically to treat myself to tikka masala, samosas, naan, and sweet kheer. <3


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Food looks great! Forgot to put the phone off the manner mode like an idiot- but turns out delivery man waited patiently at the door until I finally noticed all the missed calls. Great polite service, will order again.

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The food from All India Cafe is always delivered (REALLY) quickly and it's always piping hot when it arrives. The Vegetable Combo for Two is our new go-to dinner. There are so many vegetarian options - our favorites are the Aloo Mattar and Kabuli Cholay, then we pick a third entree based on what we feel like trying that night (the Navaratan Korma and Shahi Paneer have been big hits with us in the past). It's a good bargain if you want to experiment different combinations and deserts and it definitely comes with enough to fill two hungry bellies.


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Love the food

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An Unassuming Indian That fans call The Best in Pasadena, specializing in a fascinating and extensive menu of authentic dishes from all over the subcontinent, illuminated by waiters who take the time to describe the food to you; fans appreciate the full-"flavored fare without the lead at this peaceful spot". Zagat Survey 1999, Los Angeles/Southern California Restaurants. India is a large country , with many different cultures and culinary traditions. At All India Cafe, we offer specialties and recipes from these diverse regions. Authentic Indian home-style cooking uses only natural spices and ingredients. At All India Cafe, we do not add artificial colorings or preservative. As a result, we can offer many sumptuous dishes that are lean healthful , and low in fat. We offer daily specials which include a Chicken Curry of the day, a vegetable special, a lentil of the day , and rice of the day.